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Our strategic partner Fathom came to us with Kaman’s next-generation interactive branding/messaging campaign, expressed as a parent (corporate) site and six smaller microsites representing the major business units within Kaman. We architected and built a comprehensive Drupal content management solution, empowering Fathom and Kaman to efficiently and safely manage complex content without technical expertise.

  • Drupal Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Performance Optimization
  • Long Term Support
  • Long Term Maintenance
  • Hosted on Pantheon

In order to deliver a truly outstanding outcome, we need to understand “why,” not just “what.” We like to do world-class work for world-class clients.

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Nuanced Corporate Identity

We were challenged to create a user experience and supporting content administration tools that presented each division as connected, while also allowing each microsite to have enough of its own unique identity.

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A Unified Content Management System

We established repeatable and extensible content structures and visual components which could be rombined throughout the corporate site and microsites. We created a unified user experience and made the administrative tools simpler for content editors.

We held multiple training sessions to ensure that each division’s leadership had the necessary tools to become the master of their own microsite’s content, and created a detailed user manual as an enduring reference document and training tool.

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Stability, Security & Control

Kaman is the proud owner of an award-winning, beautiful, modern, responsive, secure and maintainable content management solution. We utilized the framework to deliver the same outcome for one of their German subsidiaries, and have just kicked off a related project to overhaul Kaman’s intranet in Drupal 8, tying into the news, events, and job postings available on the main site.