We strongly believe that an environment of collaboration and continuous education delivers excellent results. Our team embodies this ethic.

Leadership Team

Noah Smith Bio Photo

Noah Smith

Founder + CEO

n Happiest On The Water
Gabe Smith Bio Photo

Gabe Smith


G Fore!
Kristi Ceccarossi Bio Photo

Kristi Ceccarossi


k A Very Good Eater
Thomas Urell Bio Photo

Thomas Urell

Design Director

t Usually Hungry

Technical Team

Rick Hood Bio Photo

Rick Hood

Lead Drupal Developer

r Drupal Community Activist
Jess Hendricks Bio Photo

Jess Hendricks

Web Developer

The Doctor
Ian Mahoney Bio Photo

Ian Mahoney

Web Developer

i Making Serious Fun
Jason Acuña

Jason Acuña

Senior Support Developer

I'll Tell You Who You Are

Project Management

Brian Stoffer Bio Photo

Brian Stoffer

Technical Project Manager

B Easy Rider
Barbara Hobert Bio Photo

Barbara Hebert

Project Manager

b Loves Pugs
Erika Wolbach

Erika Wolbach

Project Manager

All the World's a Stage

Strategic + Creative Services

Lynn St. Pierre

Lynn St. Pierre

Web Content Specialist

Knit. Purl. Repeat.


Bio Photo - Derek Merleaux

Derek Merleaux

Senior Project Manager + Team Lead

D Loves Babies & Chocolate
Patrick Dunlavey Bio Photo

Patrick Dunlavey

Lead Developer

p Loves Vermont
Gavin Morris Bio Photo

Gavin Morris

Systems Developer

g Family, Bike, Coffee, DRS